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A group of young adults standing in a circle looking outwards as part of a perormance

Unlocking Small Changes...

...That Make Big Differences

Image by Caroline Gervay

“Where else other than Phakama are you going to find this kind of space where it’s safe and you can be vulnerable and you build a bond with people in five days? - It’s really impacted my career."

- Rise Up 2020 Young Creative

"I could have never envisaged the awesome people I would come to meet, the unique life experiences I would receive and how much Phakama would fundamentally change me." 

- Youth Board Member 

Current opportunities

We are currently accepting project proposals for our 2021 Artist Bursary and Young Artist Bursary schemes. 

For more information on the Phakama Celebrates 25 Years project page. 

Two young people in the forground are hugging surrounded by others all laughing and smiling at them

Image by Caroline Gervay