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Rise Up
Birdseye view of young people sat in a circle.

Image by Nurull Islam

Rise Up Training

Rise Up is a project with two parts, the first is a six-month paid youth leadership training programme where five young people aged 16-25 take part in paid workshops that cover a range of techniques to improve their facilitation, project management, marketing, and production skills, equipping the Young Creatives with the tools needed to successfully run a weeklong participatory arts project.

The Young Creatives recruit participants, also aged 16-25, to facilitate a  week of workshops, using the skills they have developed during their training.

The performance or work is created from scratch in just one week - all the content is determined by the group through our non-hierarchical process of Give & Gain, everyone’s contribution is valued.

Rise Up Intensive Week and Performance

Rise Up 2022/23

We are currently planning the next phase of Rise Up and will be looking to recruit five Young Creatives aged 16–25 with some experience and knowledge of arts and/or drama to develop their skills and lead a week of workshops to a group of young people!


As always this is a paid opportunity for Young Creatives to work with professional artists and producers to learn the skills needed to lead a group of young people to plan and produce a public show and wider arts practitioner skills. Watch this space!

We really learnt a lot about facilitation, and facilitation in terms of creating a safe space, where people feel comfortable enough to be themselves.”

- Rise Up 2020 Young Creative

A young woman is in the foreground, she waves her hands at her face, smiling. Behind her other people are talking.

Image by Caroline Gervay

I was quite hesitant to come because I always had this negative idea of people that are in the creative field, like I thought that they were really snobby but once I did come, the vibe was just amazing like just non-judgmental and I was allowed to freely  express myself.  

- Rise Up 2017 Participant

If you'd like to know more about upcoming Rise Up opportunities get in touch with Anna -

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