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Young Creatives

At Phakama we have young people at the core of our artistic practice. Artistic choices are driven by the desire to create work with and for young people, and so we work with a team of Young Creatives (a group of emerging artists aged 16 – 25), who are given paid opportunities to either deliver or support the delivery of all our workshops and projects.

In the foreground are two women, they are facing away from the camera. They are part of a cirlce of young people that are in the background of the photo facing the camera.

Image by Caroline Gervay

8 young people are facing the right. Two are in the foreground and lit green. Those in the background are lit blue. They are performing.

Image by Caroline Gervay

You can become a Young Creative by either joining Rise Up or running a project through the Young Artist Bursary.

Young Creatives are then also able to join the Phakama Youth Board and deliver workshops on our UP programme.

Two young people in the forground are hugging surrounded by others all laughing and smiling at them

Image by Caroline Gervay


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