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Our Youth Board

Phakama are incredibly lucky to have the support and guidance of an active YOUTH BOARD.

The Youth Board is made up of members who have previously taken part in Phakama projects, understanding the core values of our work and consider creative matters from the young participants' perspective. 

Phakama meet with the Youth Board quarterly and with our Board of Trustees twice a year, allowing for the young people to develop the necessary skills for future Phakama board membership, if that is something that interests them.

Phakama are committed to ensuring that the Youth Board continue to be integral to the company’s ongoing development.


Transitioning from a young creative to the chair of the youth board has been a smooth yet fun experience. I’ve now got a new sense of responsibility hosting youth board meetings and ensuring that Phakama’s ethos is upheld in my approach. I’m really excited to further continue my journey with Phakama. The organisation is wonderful and I’m so glad to be a part of it. 



Youth Board Members

Phakama’s established Youth Board, currently chaired by Bhavini Sheth, are instrumental to the development of the company, from members sitting on recruitment panels to discussing the strategic plans for future projects. The Youth Board have been fundamental in driving projects to create progression routes into the arts in accessible and inclusive ways.

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Josh is an actor/facilitator who has been making headway in the world of facilitation for the past year. After completing Phakama's' Rise Up' project, his work now involves community outreach on behalf of the Park Theatre, running a theatre group for people struggling with their mental health for the Arcola Theatre and delivering a variety of workshops for the Artsdepot


Hannah Balogun is an actress who has benefited from taking part in young creative programs. This includes training with the National Youth Theatre and working with the Lyric Hammersmith. She is excited to pay it forward and share what she’s learnt about acting, writing and movement with other young people


Being part of Phakama’s young creative team has been life-enriching. I have gained an amazing group of friends, worked on thought provoking artwork and gained more self confidence in my abilities. Transitioning to the Youth Board team is the most natural step to take. I am enthusiastic to meet more members of the Phakama family and continue to be part of an origination who have a fantastic ethos!

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Catty Tucker is a storyteller who first got involved with Phakama through the Talking Books project, and loved having the chance to tell some great stories in Soho Nursery. She enjoys every opportunity to work as a Young Creative, meeting amazing creative people and working together on interesting projects


I really enjoyed being a young creative it was something that I had never done before and I learnt so many things about Phakama and how to be good drama facilitator so I’m so grateful that I can still be apart of this community. 

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